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Bosch 4100-10 Review – 10 In. Worksite Table Saw


Bosch 4100-10 Worksite Table SawFor those that want to tackle their DIY Projects on time and with minimal fatigue, heavy-duty tools are the most ideal. A point worth noting is that with advancements in technology and innovation, many manufacturers are producing tools that are meant to meet the demands of each consumer fully. However, with so many tools in the table saw market, consumers should take caution so as to get legit products. Bosch, a renowned manufacturer of power tools, has been able to come up with the 4100-10 Worksite 10-inch table saw. This is a tool that is fitted with unique features that make it easily beat competition. This article looks at the features, pros and cons of the 4100-10 table saw.


Features and Pros

  • Cool Design

    Bosch invested heavily in the design of this product. It has a sturdy wheelbase and an appealing look to the eye. The device weighs 60 pounds and measures 29 x 32 x 13.2 inches. These measurements make this device quite compact and you are able to easily move it around. The wheelbase enables you to freely adjust the device to your preferred settings. Besides, this manufacturer ensured that the various materials used in the construction of the device are heavy-duty. For instance, the top is made up of high-quality aluminium which is strong enough and gives a clean look. The aluminium top also ensures that the workspace is increased. Material support is also accorded by the top, and it consequently allows for a 25-inch ripping capacity. A stand is present, and this facilitates the easy open and collapse of the tool.

  • Good Performance

    The performance of this tool is unmatched. This is because the Bosch 4100-10 has a powerful 15-amp motor. This is able to give a maximum speed of 3650 RPM and 4.0 Max HP. A 10-inch blade, on the other hand, cuts efficiently at a depth of approximately 3 1/8 inches. This is when the device is at 90 degrees. The ripping capacity has been rated to be at 25 inches. To streamline the performance of this tool, a soft start circuitry was included. The circuitry is able to effectively manage the intensity of the motor start-up which on the other hand reduces the chances of a circuit breaker tripping. There is a constant response circuitry whose role is to maintain the speed of the load.

  • Flexibility and Safety

    To ensure that this tool is well clamped, Bosch made use of the square lock rip fence. The wheeled stand also ensures that you can adjust this device and move it easily. An arbor lock has been put in place. This adds to the flexibility of the Bosch 4100-10 as it helps you change your blade with much ease. Bosch have also made use of an on-board storage system which gives access to the components. The Bosch table saw has been fitted with numerous safety features which include the smart guard anti-kickback system and a blade guard. Kickbacks are the main source of injuries in power tools. However, with this tool, you should not worry over the kick-back challenge. Besides, it becomes ideal for use by both amateurs and professionals alike. A dust-collecting port is present. It is critically placed out of the user’s way, and this ensures that you are protected from any flying debris.

  • Easy to Use and Durable

    Bosch have included a detailed manual that will aid with the installation and maintenance of the product. Besides, this product will come pre-assembled which facilitates faster start-up. On the other hand, the materials used to make this product are reliable. You are therefore assured of many years of superb performance. The parts and accessories for this product have been readily made available to the consumers.
    In addition to the above, a 1-year limited warranty comes with this tool. It, therefore, shows that this tool has numerous features which make it a premium choice. These include the ergonomic design, stunning performance, flexibility, and durability. The manufacturer was also keen on the safety features which ensure that both the user and the tool remains safe at all times. For instance, the smart guard system prevents the stereotypical kickback challenge.


  • Short Cord

    The cord included in this tool is approximately 6 feet. It would have been ideal if this cord was a bit longer. However, the good performance of the 4100-10 table saw overshadows this. The cord length should, therefore, be a non-issue.

  • Noise

    Numerous consumers have stated this device’s motor will tend to get loud after a few years of use. However, it is critical to note that with good maintenance practices, your device will give you endless good performances.

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Wrap Up

The above indicates that this unit has numerous great features which make it stand out. Getting it will ensure that you enjoy all the benefits stated above. With a few cons that can be dealt with efficiently, this tool is a great purchase.

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