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Delta 40-695 Review – 20-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

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Delta Power 40-695 Scroll SawWoodwork happens at different levels. You may have one or two needs per year for a scroll saw. Then there are instances where a scroll saw will be used daily. A scroll saw should give you precision, so every project has a professional touch. Delta Power Equipment Corporation has created a 20-inch scroll saw with variable speeds. With its 5-year warranty, this electric saw and its 1.3-amp motor, has storage space for your additional blades as well as variable speeds from 400 to 1750 SPM. This 60 lb. scroll saw can be ideal for a beginner or a seasoned scroll saw user. The Delta Scroll Saw includes:

  • Scroll saw
  • Stand
  • Work light
    Dust blower

The Delta Scroll Saw gives you a wide range of speed adjustments, less vibration, and a secured blade. The complete woodworking Delta scroll saw gives you exactly what is needed to aid in a more precise piece of work every time. Being able to easily adjust your speeds but still be able to provide a quiet job is something that is now found in every scroll saw. Delta Scroll Saw has upfront controls and a simple on and off switch, which is easily accessible. The option for powering the scroll saw with your foot is an additional piece that does not come with the complete Delta Scroll Saw kit.

The Delta Power Equipment Corporation scroll saw is the machine to use for when you are looking to ensure your project has those beautiful curves displayed on the woodwork. The flexibility to finally perform various types of cutting is easily achieved with the tilt table and the added features that adjust to your preference. Hit those perfect angles when using the Delta scroll blade every time. It will take time for beginners to get used to the speed a scroll saw does have. Even with the variable speed control, the Delta scroll saw is one of the more powerful saws that should be operated with precaution and care.


  • Adjustable Parts

    Delta has included a tilt table that is adjustable to your preference. Having a table that can be tilted allows for you to complete the more intensive or complicated pieces. In addition to the adjustable table, Delta has included an adjustable dust hose. While there isn’t a tremendous amount of dust created, being able to quickly and accessibly have a hose that clears dust from your workspace allows you to continue your job and for an easy cleanup. The adjustable light used with the blower gives you a clearer vision or workspace for your project. Delta Power Equipment Corporation has installed adjustable speed controls. These variable speeds will assist in completing jobs much quicker. Being able to increase your blade’s speed or decrease to ensure the cuts are smooth needs to be something that can be easily done. The electronic speeds range from 400 to 1750 SPM. From the adjustable table to the dust hose as well as the speed control, the Delta Power Equipment Corporation scroll saw, with its 20” blade, will not only be convenient in use but a powerful tool to complete your woodwork.

  • Less Vibration

    The unit comes with a dual parallel-link arm design. Delta Power Equipment Corporation scroll saw is designed for the user to complete the woodwork job but still maintain a level of comfort and ease. The parallel-link arm helps reduce vibration as well as the noise. Many scroll saws cannot claim to be quiet tools and maintain their power and reliance. The Delta scroll saw is one that has created a way to build reliable, strong equipment but still maintains an ease of use. With less vibration, you will be able to work for a more extended time period without any vibrations intervening. Delta scroll saw is also a quieter saw than others similar in design. Due to the dual parallel-link arm design, it has reduced the usual noise that comes from a scroll saw’s motor, so it won’t irritate your hearing.

  • Consistency of Cut

    The many craft projects that can be accomplished with a scroll saw are endless. The key is to have a saw that displays a consistent cut. In the Delta Power Equipment Corporation scroll saw the blade is perpendicular to the work surface. Having it smartly placed in this position allows for you to perform better, more accurate cuts. Using different templates or patterns to create many of your pieces, your blade needs to be securely held in a perpendicular position to achieve the best cut. The blade tension on the Delta needs to occur cut to cut. There needs to be adequate blade control to provide that consistent, precise cut. With more focus on the blade’s performance and the secured positioning, the Delta scroll saw is able to bring some creative wood pieces to life. While the price point on this Delta is comparable to many of its size, the precision of the blade needs to ensure many intricate cuts to your piece. Compared to a few other well-known brands, the Delta scroll saw still can be found for a favorable price even with the professional-grade you will receive when using this tool.


  • Complicated Instructions

    A powerful tool such as the Delta scroll saw requires detailed instructions to ensure you are getting the optimal use out of it. Unfortunately, not every tool will come with a guide that is universally understood. Especially if you are using the Delta as your first scroll saw, it may require you to move slower or even search for instructions from third parties. Overall, there are some steps that are not directly explained however if you do read the instructions completely, your saw can be assembled and for anything additional, the 5-year warranty is in place for any issues.

  • Power Switch

    The power switch will easily turn on however there may be issues with the sturdiness of this button. It may seem slightly flimsy compared to the other parts of the Delta scroll saw. The tool can also be turned on and off with an additional, not included, foot pedal. This would be an easy solution to a faulty on/off switch that has received complaints from a few other Delta scroll saw owners.

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Wrap Up

The Delta scroll saw is a smart purchase that is set to last for many woodwork creations. With Delta including the scroll saw, stand, work light, and dust blower, you will have a complete set to begin working on the next project. Delta scroll saw makes sure to include features that make use of this saw a lot easier. With the variable speed adjustments and the dual-parallel link arm design, this tool provides smooth cuts with a lesser amount of noise and little vibration. Even with a few downfalls from instructions not being as transparent and easy to understand as well as a power switch that may have complications, it still serves as a powerful tool for completing your woodwork projects.

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