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Makita 2705 Review – Precision Machined Jobsite Table Saw

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Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table SawWhen shopping for a table saw, Makita is a trusted manufacturer within the power tools industry. The 10-inch contractor table saw comes equipped with a 15 amp motor that will deliver 4800 RPM. With the brand’s innovative technology and top-notch engineering, the Makita 2705 contractor table saw works for both the personal and for the more professional jobs. There are several types of contractor table saws to purchase and the Makita holds to the top of the preferred list for many people. Weighing in at 82-lb, the Makita 2705 contractor table saw does have mix reviews due to its weight but all things considered, Makita has built a product with a powerful performance.

What makes the Makita such a highly recommended contractor saw is its precision features. The Makita 2705 can make adjustments quick and easy. Precise features such as the cam locking rip fence and the bevel locking handle will give the user high-quality cuts. In addition, the Makita 2705 has several user-friendly features such as the anti-kickback pawls, riving knife, aluminum die-cast table as well as the tool-less blade guard system. Even with its many features that make the Makita 2705 a top choice, there are cons with the tool that should be known before purchasing and with a one year warranty, users have the flexibility to fully experience the tool.


  • User-Friendly Features
    The user-friendly features of the Makita 2705 makes it an ideal choice for the user. The large on and off switch also has an easy to read scale that allows for faster adjustments. In addition to the switch setting, the Makita 2705 has immense storage capability. Owners of the Makita power tool will be able to conveniently store their saw blade safely protected enclosed underneath the table. In addition, it is able to store the miter gauge, rip fence, wrench, push stick safety guard and the dado blade. The Makita 2705 has extended capacity and can rip up to 25”. The contractor table saw has miter gauge grooves that assists in performing versatile cutting because of the 3/8”x3/4” t-slots. For the professional, these miter gauge grooves can also accept commercial accessories. The blade can be lowered and raised easily with the two pole slide system. This feature allows the user to be more efficient with their cuts and have a smoother adjustment. Other features that are user-friendly would be the ant-kickback pawl. This has two onboard and independent riving knives. With the riving knives, there will no longer be lumber pinching and binding the blade. There are three different positions that are given with the riving knife that are the through, non-through and the dado. The blades can be more easily viewed because of Makita’s user-friendly guard design.
  • Ample Space

    While the aluminum casting may not be preferred by some, the Makita 2705 does provide a flat table top surface that gives the user extreme accuracy and added cutting capacity. The user can cut 3 9/16” at 90-degree angles and 2 ½” at 45-degree angles due to this ample cutting space. In addition to the space size, the electric brake gives the user an accurate and precise stop. These features allow for this contractor table saw to rip 4x the material in one pass.


  • Lack of Mobility

    A heavy-duty contractor table saw is a preference for many. Since the Makita 2705 does weigh more than many other brands, there are mixed reviews on if this saw can be considered mobile. Users should keep in mind that this is a table saw so mobility is not necessarily the end goal with this type of power tool. While it is harder to maneuver the table and the weight makes it not ideal for constantly moving around, the sturdiness of the Makita saw is something to consider. Another feature that users should be made aware of would be the starting feature. The Makita does not have a soft start. While the braking feature operates smoothly, the start to this contractor saw table is not soft by any means. The positive to this is that a soft start can be added to the Makita 2705 if it does present itself to be an issue.

  • There are also preferences of the Makita 2705 that should be noted. The flat aluminum die-cast tends to scratch easily. While other contractor table saws are cast iron, using one that is aluminum means that a little more care should be given when in use. In addition to the aluminum and cast iron difference, there are a few features that may need some adjustments. Such as the riving knife that gives you three different positions. For example, out of the three, the dado cuts will only allow the saw to accept material that is 6 inches in diameter. The miter gauge is one more feature that should be noted prior to use. The miter gauge may wiggle a lot and is not adjustable. While the Makita 2705 does have challenges, the benefits of this contractor saw table outweighs them.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, Makita 2705 contractor table saw has the capability to provide ultimate accuracy. Such as the tool-less blade guard system with the adjustable riving knife. The Makita 2705 may be considered heavier than its competitor brands, it is still a portable contractor saw. The great power that it offers while still being considered mobile is one of the best reasons to consider the Makita. The precise features such as the braking feature that will stop in a mere seconds or the fact that the saw is able to cut 4x material.

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