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Makita JR3070CTZ Review – Reciprocating Saw with AVT®

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Makita-JR3070CTZ-Recipro SawThe Makita brand has created some of the best and most reliable saws that can serve many needs for woodworkers- professional and novices alike. Makita reciprocating saw is corded with tool-less blade change and a 15-amp motor. Weighing 10 pounds, the Makita reciprocating saw is giving the user many features to make for an easy use. For the reciprocating saw, it is normally used for heavy-duty jobs and to power through various types of material.

The Makita reciprocating saw is a great tool for builders, general contractors, remodelers, metal fabricators, and roofers. With the Makita reciprocating tool, there seems to be more pros than cons and with a one year warranty on this tool, there are many reasons to go with the Makita brand.


  • AVT Reciprocating Saw

    Makita has created an exclusive counterbalance system that reduces vibration for efficient cutting power. The Makita saw delivers superior power and performance with the AVT system since the saw is more stable. This innovative counterbalance system changes how this Makita reciprocating saw works for demolition, cutting through drywall and plaster as well as for wood and metal cutting. To be able to counter against the vibrations from the saw means that the user’s cut will be precise.

  • Speed

    Being able to use your reciprocating saw everywhere is what the users are looking for when purchasing a cordless tool. Makita reciprocating saw has features that will make cutting through all types of material much simpler. With electronic speed control, the variable speed control dial matches the speed to the application. Being able to provide consistent speed contributes to more precise cuts delivered with power. The Makita reciprocating saw will maintain constant speed control under any pressure. If the user is in need of orbital cutting, the Makita reciprocating saw gives 45% faster cutting.

  • Innovative Features

    Makita reciprocating saw comes with a built-in clutch. With this built-in clutch, it disengages gears if the blade binds. This serves as a safety feature as well. With the clutch disengaging before any blade can trip up and damage the cut or harm the user. Even with the one year warranty, Makita reciprocating saw has reduced gear damage. The built-in clutch is a smart addition to the saw which extends the life on the saw. The Makita reciprocating saw also has a user-friendly handle that is ergonomically designed and rubberized for comfort. The built-in clutch is not the only feature that serves as a safety feature. The 15-amp motor is sealed with felt and rubber to help keep the water and debris out. Extending the blade’s life is another good part about the Makita reciprocating saw. With the shoe adjustment having five positions, the shoe can be an asset and used to better control the cuts.


  • Weight of the Cordless

    A cordless tool provides the user the freedom to go wherever they need with ease. The Makita has many features which makes it a little more heavy-duty than other reciprocating saws. While it may exert more from the user to handle, the 10 pound Makita saw can still handle corners, it would just take slightly more skill and accurate execution. Tight spaces would be difficult for the Makita reciprocating saw. Having a cordless reciprocating saw means that the battery will make up a lot of the weight. Adding this extra weight will tire the user out quicker.

  • Battery

    Owning a cordless saw means that it can be taken on more jobs and get to different places easier. While that is correct, a reciprocating saw requires a lot of power to accurately cut through materials. The Makita reciprocating saw will start off performing strong however as any battery-powered saw, it cuts less precisely as the battery wears down. This ends up slowing down the user making every job take longer than if using a corded saw. For battery-powered tools, it is best to purchase a back-up battery and possibly a back-up charger. This is an added expense to the user however it does help to continue using the reciprocating saw. Compared to the corded reciprocating, the motor in the Makita reciprocating saw is not as powerful.

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Final Thoughts

Makita reciprocating saw has some great features that makes their tools some of the best in its category. With 2800 strokes per minute, the user can power through wood, metal, plastics and so much more. Makita’s AVT reciprocating saw is an exclusive counterbalance system that was created to reduce vibrations. Makita is bringing innovation with power and performance and the AVT counterbalance system gives more than efficient cutting power. The four-position orbital gives straight cutting action that works for general contractors, metal fabricators, remodelers and builders. There are a few things about the reciprocating saw that should always be considered such as battery power. Keeping a back-up battery fully charged will come in handy to complete those tougher, longer jobs. Overall, the Makita reciprocating saw is a reliable tool that can will not disappoint.

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