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Porter Cable PCC780LA Review – Sliding Table Top Wet Tile Saw

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Porter Cable PCC780LA Sliding Table Top Wet Tile SawIf you need a reliable wet tile saw that you can carry around jobsites, the 20V-powered PCC780LA from Porter Cable delivers with excellence. This cordless saw is ideal for professionals and DIYers and comes with a powerful battery that can make up to 40 cuts before tapping out.
The PCC780LA features a 17″ stainless steel tabletop, allowing you to cut 12″ x 12″ tiles from corner to corner. It can accommodate larger tile sizes although you may have to use a modified stop. An onboard miter square helps you make precise miter and rip cuts on glass, ceramics, stone, and aluminum with relative ease.

This tile saw is optimized for ease of use and flexibility. Thanks to water channels on the cast metal sliding tray and the splash guard, you need not worry about splashes on the floor even when cutting wet tiles.
A water container stores any runoff from the drain, making cleanup faster and less messy. The adjustable rear fence ensures that you make accurate and neat cuts always regardless of the shape or size of tile.
The PCC780LA also comes with a roll cage and carry handle that makes it easy to haul around in the jobsite. It comes with a 20V MAX 4.0Ah battery, a charger, miter square, blade wrench, a porcelain tile blade and a 7″ wet tile saw. This saw is backed by PORTER CABLE’s 3-year limited warranty.

The PCC780LA is especially good for DIYers but even more valuable for master tile setters who work in new buildings where power may not be available.


Cutting wet tiles is a messy affair, but the PCC780LA makes the work cleaner and faster. This versatile tool is not only portable, but it features a sturdy design that would deliver maximum returns. Here are beneficial features of the saw.

  • Durability

    PORTER CABLE is popular for its rugged designs because most of its power tools target the professional market. The PCC780LA is no different with its solid stainless steel top and cast metal sliding tray.
    With this level of durability, you can expect improved jobsite survivability, better performance and increased productivity. The strengthened steel top not only improves stability but allows you to cut larger tiles with minimal error.
    To reduce rust and other oxidative damage, the sliding tray has water channels that carry moisture away from the surface quickly, leaving your workspace dry and neat. This also makes the jobsite tidier and cleanup faster.

  • Adjustable Rear Fence

    Not only does the PCC780LA feature a large sliding table, but it can cut bigger and wider tiles thanks to the adjustable rear fence. Using this feature, you can make different cuts on a tile while maintaining a high level of precision. With the proper adapter, you can make even larger cuts as long as the blade can reach the end of the tile.

  • Portable

    Because of its cordless power, this tile saw provides unlimited access to any location on a jobsite. Plus, its compact and lightweight design means you can carry it on one hand everywhere you go.
    It comes with a roll cage which serves the dual purpose of protecting the cutting cart and a handle for easy transportation.

  • 20V MAX Battery

    The PCC780LA is powered by PORTER CABLE’s 20V MAX 4.0Ah Lithium-ion battery. Depending on the tile size, this battery can make up to 20-30 cuts or more on one charge and is compatible with other 20V MAX cordless power tools from the brand.
    So if you own this power back before, you can use those batteries as an extra to keep your tile saw running for longer. Otherwise, you could get an additional battery and swap when one is charging. That way, you can work while one battery charges.

  • Generous Warranty

    PORTER CABLE is confident of its products and that’s why it backs them with generous warranties. This wet saw tile comes with a 3-year limited warranty. The company will take care of any issues covered under the warranty within this period, helping to safeguard your investment.


  • The only big issue with the PCC780LA is the battery life. With 12” tiles, you may not get more than 40 cuts. Plus, the battery cuts slowly because of its low power.
    But many of the people complaining about this forget the saw is ideal for quick jobs in places where power is not available. You don’t expect the performance of a 120v-powered corded tile saw from a 20V cordless unit.

Read on to find more details on choosing a tile saw.

Wrap Up

The PCC780LA is ideal for professional and homeowner use. While it is best for light jobs, it can cut almost anything in the tile setting jobsite. Plus, it is durable, portable and easy to use.
Also, this saw comes with a versatile battery that can power other 20V MAX tools from PORTER CABLE. This makes an excellent tool in the kit of serious master tile setters and enthusiastic homeowners.

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