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Powermatic PM1000 Review – Cabinet Table Saw 50-Inch Fence

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Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw FenceThere are certain brands of table saws that stand out and are the first brands that many users go to first. The Powermatic table saw comes with features to make any task easier to perform. When looking for a table saw, the purpose and frequency of use should be one of the top priorities. Weighing in at 465 pounds, this table saw has a tool-less guard assembly. The Powermatic includes a fence rail, riving knives, anti-kickback device and push stick with 115-volt usage. While many table saws will boast of the same features, Powermatic has state of the art technology that will show to be a precise saw for varying projects.


  • Smart Features

    The tool-less guard assembly provides additional safety to the user. In addition, the 1-3/4” HP motor has a poly-v belt which gives the tool with reduced vibration and provides motor efficiency. More features of this table saw would be the exclusive Powermatic 30” Accufence system. This Accufence system was designed to provide a greater workspace and give better accuracy. The cast iron top is an unobstructed space that will allow for more precise work to be accomplished.

  • Ample Workspace

    There needs to be more than just adequate workspace to ensure the table saw performs to the best of its ability. The Powermatic has a miter gauge that pivots 60 degrees, left or right. This allows the user to perform full range cuts smoothly. The Powermatic does come with a fence that provides a benefit to the user. This sturdy fence clamps down extremely well and is a heavy-duty feature that assists in the Powermatic’s performances.

  • Exclusive Design

    The Powermatic PM1000 table saw comes with a 10” blade guard and key features such as the fence rail, riving knives, anti-kickback device, and push-stick collection hose. The cast-iron quality that the Powermatic has with its 30” Accufence system is one of a kind. Having a poly-v belt with increased power allows for the user to complete larger tasks easier. More power tool brands need to think of the complete picture when creating heavy-duty table saws such as remembering the dust. The dust collection power of this Powermatic performs beyond expectations due to the overall smart design of the saw. Users have been able to run plywood the size of 4/4 maple with no chip out. The Powermatic table saw can also cut through 10/4 hardwood and the user does not have to worry about the tool being bogged down.


  • Safety Feature Restrictions

    With any tool, there are its limitations that need to be considered. The Powermatic table saw can complete many tasks, however, there are certain areas of this tool that could be improved. One of the issues with the Powermatic is that the voltage protection switch tends to switch off and kills the motor power. While this is a safety feature, it should be noted that the protection setting could be increased to handle more usage before cutting off. Other features, or possibly lack of features, to be noted is that the Powermatic does not come with a saw blade included or casters. With this being a heavier table saw and priced competitively due to its size, these are features that one could argue should be included.

  • Default Fence Rail

    The biggest issue to note with this Powermatic table saw is the fence rail. When assembling, the user will notice that it cannot shift to accommodate any additional pieces because the fence rail holes are pre-drilled. Another slight issue is that the fence tube needs to be measure more carefully so there are no inaccuracies. The fence also seems to ride on the table of the saw. With this default in design, the fence can get caught in the cross-cut channels. There are no spacers or guides for the back of the fence either.

  • Dust Collection

    When looking at the overall picture of how the Powermatic table saw performs, there are certain aspects of the tool that are not as big of an issue as others. With this particular table saw, it cannot use a full kerf blade. Another thing to keep in mind is that this Powermatic is not intended to be mobile and due to the being 465 lbs. and having 115 volts of power, this is a stationary tool meant for the professional. Lastly, what has received mixed reviews would be the dust collection aspect of this tool. Like many other table saws, the dust collection part tends to handle just a small amount of dust while the power tool itself can cut through many large pieces. For this Powermatic, it seems that there is not enough air intake to create a better suction needed to collect the dust. Users have found that either replacing this piece or just dealing with the clean up after allows them to still enjoy the many benefits of the tool.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, the Powermatic PM1000 1781001K Table Saw with 50-Inch Fence is a powerful table saw that can help the user achieve many projects with accurate cuts and precise design. With its smart design tool-less guard assembly and exclusive 30” Accufence system, the Powermatic is able to not only run through plywood with ease but performs above expectation on even soaking wet Ponderosa pine. The smart design with the pivoting miter gauge and large, cast iron workspace sets the Powermatic table saw a cut above the other brands. Buyers won’t have to worry if there are any issues with this table saw and can get a full use from it knowing that there is a five-year warranty on this product.

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  1. Just purchased the PM 1000 brand new. The only issue I have with it is what you call the voltage protection switch. This is the thermal switch that cuts the motor off if it gets too hot. My saw is set up, and dialed in perfectly in every area, so nothing is binding, or causing excess load on the motor. The motor actually has tons of power, but the motor is just running really hot. I am using a full kerf blade. In your review, you mentioned that one “cannot” use a full kerf blade. Can you tell me why, and does anyone have any insight as to why my saw shuts off all the time?


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