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Bosch JSH180B Review – 18V Top-Handle Jig Saw (Bare Tool)


Bosch-JSH180B-18-Volt-Lithium-Ion-Cordless-Jig-SawJigsaws are ideal for a broad range of consumers. The reason behind this is that they are flexible and will cut even around curves. Jigsaws are also flexible in the sense that they are cordless and hence can be carried around to numerous locations.

In the purchase of the right Jigsaw, it is critical to check things such as the orbital settings, the motor power, and even maximum speed. The renowned manufacturer, Bosch, has come up with the JSH180B 18-Volt Jigsaw. This device is compact, convenient and at the same time performs optimally. This article will focus on the features, pros, and cons of this device in detail.


Features and Pros

  • Simplistic Design and Flexibility

    This product weighs 5.05 pounds and measures 10 x 8.7 x 3.7 inches. As such, it is a medium-sized device, therefore users will comfortably use it without experiencing long periods of fatigue. Bosch also claims that this specific product is lighter than other products in this range by up to 30%. Its size is also 10 % less than its rivals. With its compact design, this tool can be stored easily and can be carried easily as well.

    Bosch also included a T-shank blade change system. This system allows the users to insert blades without requiring any special tools readily. You just need to turn a knob that is readily present in this device.
    The JSH180B also comes complete with a footplate that is adjustable and gives you the ability to conduct bevel cuts up to 45 degrees. Bosch also had a built-in LED light installed as well as a dust blower. The LED light has a unique functionality of showing the cutting line. This creates a high degree of precision that is unmatched.

  • Effective Performance

    The JSH 180B is powered by a motor and an ion battery. To boost the performance of the motor, the manufacturer ensured that they installed a protection system. This protection system takes care of both the battery and the motor by preventing overheating. As such, Bosch made use of the Electronic cell protection feature which protects the battery which is sold as a separate unit. It, in turn, helps the device last long periods and serve you efficiently.
    The performance is also greatly boosted by the use of the t-shank blade change system. In this, you are able to change the blades without any tool which is convenient to the user.

    The t-shank system has been stated to be the best in the market and will cut any material you subject it to. This device consists of 4 stages of orbital actions. These are able to match the cutting obligations of the users efficiently.
    The variable speed control of this jigsaw dial runs from 0 to 2700 spm which is quite high. Besides, a 1-inch stroke length in combination with the 45-degree bevel angle boosts the ability of the tool to cut through aluminum, wood, and steel with much ease.

  • Durability and Flexibility

    Due to its unique design that is compact and sturdy, you are guaranteed to get endless super performances with the JSH180 B Jigsaw. It is made up of quality materials and the fact that Bosch is a household name in this industry gives you the assurance that it is a good product. The Electronic Motor Protection(EMP) and Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) are great features that come with this device.

    They adequately take care of the motor and battery respectively against overload and overcharging. In turn, your device gets to last for long. Touching on the flexibility of this device, it is ideal to note that it is compatible with the Bosch BC660 and the Bosch BC630 chargers. Neither the charger nor the battery is actively present during the purchase. You are required to buy these separately. However, this high degree of flexibility ensures that consumers do not experience time lags as they look for the chargers. The device will also work with the BAT618 and the BAT609 batteries.

It is plain that the Bosch JSH180 B is a great tool that is coupled with numerous features. These features are unique and will contribute to the overall pros of the device. Bosch was also quick to include a 1-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee. The manufacturer also states that the noise level of the tool is highly reduced to favor long use by different consumers.


  • Overheating of the Battery

    Some users have been quick to note that after prolonged use, the batter tends to overheat. While this is of concern, the manufacturer states that users should not be worried as the ECP technology will take care of the heat. It is specifically installed to deal with overloading and overcharging of the device.

  • Expensive

    Other users shave also cited the high price of this device. However, this should be a non-issue as it requires a one-time investment. Get all the parts necessary to keep this tool up, and it will serve you endlessly. Its quality and performance tend to eclipse the price bit.

Wrap Up

The Bosch JSH180B is a unique device that is fitted with all the necessary features of a good jigsaw. This makes it convenient, compact and delivers a superb performance. Keep it in your mind in your next purchase.

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