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DEWALT DW788 Review – 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

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DeWalt DW788 Scroll SawFew woodworking tools have the versatility of the scrollsaw and the DW788 takes it to another level.
The DW788 20″ Variable-Speed Scroll Saw is a smooth operator designed for precise and fast cuts. It has a spacious cast-iron table which provides plenty of room and support for the workpiece. The table can bevel at 45 degrees right and left, allowing you to make angled cuts among other specialized applications.
The DW788 has a powerful 1.3 Amp motor that makes 400-1750 cutting strokes per minute. This tool is ideal for a wide range of applications including cutting wood, PVC, MFD, ceramics, and masonry.

It also features a variable speed dial that enables you adjust the motor speed to the specific requirements of different materials and applications. When you need to make intricate and detailed cuttings in different materials, the variable speed feature of this scroll saw makes it a workhorse in the shop.
This tool comes with a double-barrel link arm construction that allows it to work with limited vibration and less noise. The arm design reduces movement and makes the tool quieter during use.

The DW788 has a 2″ depth of cut and its flyable arm makes plunge cuts easier and more accurate. It features a tool-less blade clamp that makes it easy and safer to swap blades. There is also a flexible dust blower that keeps your work area tidy.
For safety and ease of handling, the DW788 has an accessible on-off switch that allows you to power the machine or stop it quickly.


The DW788 was designed to create precise cuts only a scrollsaw can deliver. This saw has a unique upper arm construction and many other features that make your projects stand out. Here are some of its winning features.

  • Precise Cuts

    This 20-inch variable-speed scroll saw from DeWalt makes precise and clean cuts regardless of the material you are working on. This is thanks to its unique double-barrel design and the shorter distance of the movable arm. The arm design also ensures that the blade is always perpendicular to the workpiece, reducing the chance of damaging the material.

  • Powerful Motor with Variable Speed Control

    The DW788 sports a fast-moving electric motor that spins at 400-1750 strokes per minute. With the 1.3 Amp motor, the blade achieves precise and fast cuts up to 2 inches deep into the material.
    Regardless of the material you want to cut, this 20-inch variable-speed scroll saw will slice through anything so long as you can fit the piece into its throat.
    The DW788 also comes with a variable speed control that allows you to adjust the motor speed to the specific requirements of the material or task.
    Whether you are making ornate carvings, shaping pipes, or engraving patterns on a piece of wood, this variable-speed features helps you to optimize your electricity while reducing wear on the electric motor. This also helps improve the outcomes of your projects since it reduces the chances of over-cutting or undercutting the material.

  • Cast-iron Table

    The oversized cast-iron table of this saw provides a balanced and sturdy surface to work on different materials. The table also offers excellent support for the workpiece, allowing you to work with precision. This table can bevel 45 degrees left and right, an important feature if you need to make bevel and miter cuts.

  • Plunge Cuts

    This scrollsaw can also make plunge cuts. A plunge cut is one that you start in the middle of the material such as when cutting the space for your sink in a countertop. The DM788 can do this thanks to its lift-able arm that allows you to make cuts from inside of the material.

  • Easy Blade Swaps

    The DW788 has tool-less blade clamps that allows you to swap blades in seconds. You don’t have to fidget about for Allen keys to remove blades, so you spend more of your time doing productive work.


This saw is popular among professionals and beginners. The only major complaint is the stock blades that come with it which seem to be low quality. It is also too tall for some users but you can place it on a bench or table.

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Wrap Up

Scrollsaws are the champion of the woodworking world when you need to make precise and intricate cuts. The DW788 offers a unique arm, a fast-spinning motor, and variable speed controls to achieve professional results in all your projects.
The tool has a large and stable table that offers maximum support for your workpiece and its sturdy build provides a stable surface for materials. If your work requires a high level of precision, you need a tool like the DW788 in your workshop.

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