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Husqvarna K760 Review – 14-inch Gas Cut-Off Saw

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Husqvarna 967181002 K760 II Gas Cut-Off SawUsing a highly powered chop saw is critical when there are hard materials such as concrete and steel. These bigger jobs requires a saw that won’t cut off after an hour, like with a battery-powered saw. Gas-powered saws are heavier than the battery or corded saws due to having to mix oil and gas together. With the right gas supply, the saw is not only mobile but also can perform at an all-time high because the power won’t shut off as quickly as the other types of saws. Husqvarna is a reliable brand that has brought a durable and ergonomically created.

Husqvarna gas-powered saw is a heavy-duty chop saw that can power through some of the toughest materials. At 24 pounds, the Husqvarna saw has its exclusive Dura Starter with a cylinder, air filtration motor. To find a saw to deliver power and optimizes performance, the Husqvarna makes a solid purchase. For a gas-powered saw, being able to take to many places that a corded saw cannot go. In addition, it can run longer than a battery-powered saw and give more power as well. The Husqvarna gas-powered saw does run longer with its air filtration motor and Dura Starter.


  • Powerful Motor

    The Husqvarna gas-powered saw gives a high performance every time. While the Husqvarna motor is powerful, it also has reduced vibrations. This lessens the chance of user fatigue and provides a more precise cut. Husqvarna has the motor isolated from the frame of the saw which is what helps reduce vibration. This Husqvarna gas-powered saw is the best choice for demolition projects. A powerful motor is necessary for cutting through concrete slabs and steel beams. The Husqvarna motor, with the right mix of oil and gas, can give greater power and cutting speed.

  • Blade Quality

    The Husqvarna gas-powered saw can easily cut through materials such cinderblock and bricks. Considered as a demolition saw, the Husqvarna gas-powered saw cuts through concrete slabs and has a longer performance than the corded and the cordless saws. The durable and ergonomically designed Husqvarna gas-powered saw not only has a high blade quality but also a newly designed and active air filtration system. It is a combination of blade, motor, and power that makes the Husqvarna saw a good choice.

  • Built for Durability

    With a gas-powered saw, there is a sense of familiarity for contractors and being mobile means there is never a worry about cords or back-up battery. The Husqvarna gas-powered saw was built to handle rougher jobs. Being a mobile saw means the jobs can be tougher and there is no restriction on how far the saw can go. This means the saw needs to be able to withstand some wear and tear. Husqvarna gas-powered saw can handle hours of use. Built as a demolition saw, the Husqvarna can cut through concrete for hours.


  • Fuel Powered

    There are projects that go beyond what a corded saw can handle but needs more power than a battery-powered saw provides. When using a gas-powered saw, it does handle larger jobs, but it normally is a heavier tool to handle. For this Husqvarna saw, just like many other gas-powered saws, maintenance is extremely important in order to receive the best performance. Draining the remaining fuel from the Husqvarna saw is highly recommended.

  • Complicated Start

    With a more powerful saw, there will be issues with some of its features. The hard and complicated start of this gas-powered saw takes time to figure out. The safety precautions are important to remember for the Husqvarna gas-powered saw such as ensure the chain brake should be activated. With this model, there may be some issues with starting however once it does start, it is a powerful saw cutting through some of the toughest material.

Final Thoughts

The Husqvarna saw has its state of the art air filtration motor with a Dura Starter system. At 24 pounds, this gas-powered saw can cut through some of the toughest materials. For an optimized performance, the air filtration’s new and active motor. The high performance of the motor has fuel that runs on a 50 to 1 fuel ratio. If cutting through concrete slabs and other tough materials, a gas-powered saw can be taken to more places than a corded saw and provides even more power. While it is heavy and may work even better with its own table, it provides more power than both corded and battery-powered. In addition, the Husqvarna is low weight compared to many other gas-powered saws. The safety features on the Husqvarna is important and are quite useful. The automatic water shut-off valve is important since the Husqvarna saw runs so powerful. In the case of the saw being overheated, it shuts itself off. Overall, the Husqvarna gas-powered saw has little issues and many benefits to complete the toughest of jobs.

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